40s birthday fundraiser

By Teri Ng

Growing up with perfect eyesight, I am always thankful and forgot to take care of my eyes. In my 30s, I start to wear glasses due to short-sightedness and astigmatism and began reading more on the condition of the human eye. The sight is one of the most amazing gifts most of us receive but not everyone is lucky to have the ability to see. While some conditions of blindness are destiny (on this note, I thank my blind friends for being there for me, even more than my sighted friends at times), there are conditions of blindness that can be treated. And such is the mission of Fred Hollows Foundation. This INGO seeks to bring affordable eye treatment and eye care programs to places where people living with avoidable blindness or treatable eye diseases such as cataracts can be cured and see again.

As I age further, my eye sight will deteriorate, so here I am, into my 40s, a journey of the unknown but one that I hope is lived meaningfully. And I believe living a purposeful life is what most of you care about too as you grow older. Some of you are more active on my life than others, while some of you have never met me. Nonetheless, everything you have done for me, said to me left a mark in my life. 

My 30s leading to 40 is not complete if not for some of you. Thank you!

So, I ask you to make a small donation to my 40s birthday fundraising campaign this valentine's day.

HKD$150 or SGD30 can help someone receive sight again.

Thank you for your time and help!
(Should you need more info on what this foundation does, feel free to reach out).

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shei Wah Tan

Jia You!


Serene Yong

Happy Birthday Teri


Teri Ng


Suet Fong Lim

Happy birthday Teri, thanks for doing this. :)


Luc Lam

One of the things we often take for granted is sight. This is a meaningful gesture, all the best in your fundraising efforts.



Happy birthday teri !


Hwee Sian Ng


Aileen Chua

Happy birthday and all.the best for the fund raising efforts.


Sharifah K


Kar-yee Ong



Happy Birthday